Wednesday, 31 August 2016

This past Monday morning before heading out for the day I was reading about how man's view of me doesn't matter, and how God's opinion of me is the only one that truly matters. As I thought of what this would look like in my life here in Tanzania, I said, "God, give me opportunities today to live this out. I want to believe this with my whole heart and live it out everyday." I then continued with my morning routine and headed to The Village of Hope. I didn't think about what I had asked God for again... Until snack time. During Monday's snack, in front of 2 teachers and 40 SK students, I dumped an entire mug of steaming hot porridge on myself and all over the floor.  It was literally everywhere. And did I mention I tried to catch the steaming porridge, causing myself to burn the entire inside of my right hand? (I'm totally fine now though, so don't worry)  My initial reaction was extreme embarrassment. I felt like crawling into a hole and never coming out. But, as I filled a bucket with water, grabbed a cloth and got down on my hands and knees to clean it up, I had to laugh. This is it isn't it God? This is my opportunity to not care what others think of me. Woah. Let's face it, who cares if the kids laughed? Looking back, I'm glad I could make them smile! And why does it matter if the teachers think differently of me now that they know I'm a complete clutz? It doesn't. It really, truly and completely does not matter. Something turned from head knowledge to heart knowledge on Monday. God listens to me and He hears me. All of the time He is with me, listening to my every shout of joy or cry of embarrassment. Learning life lessons sometimes sucks. God calls us out of our comfort zones, and sometimes into awkward and embarrassing situations. But that's okay. In fact, looking back two days later, I'm glad I dumped my porridge! It has allowed me to see and connect with God in a totally new way, and to take the next step in my battle against my own insecurities. SO COOL!

Prayers for Mwanza, and Tanzania as a nation would be greatly appreciated as there is the potential for demonstrations (protests) tomorrow here in town. We pray that they would be peaceful, non-violent protests.
Once again, I am seriously BEYOND thankful to be surrounded by such cool people who take the time to read and pray about my journey. Thank you for all of your prayers and support!


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