Wednesday, 14 September 2016

In 2 days I will be celebrating my one-month-anniversary of living here in Tanzania! How crazy is that?! Some days it feels like time has flown by, and other times I think, "It has ONLY been a MONTH? I feel like I've been gone for ages!" Truthfully, this feeling changes regularly. Although the past couple weeks I have often found myself missing home a lot, and even sometimes questioning why I would want to leave the place and people I love so much, they have still been a pretty amazing couple of weeks. 

Over the past 2 weeks I have been learning the daily routine of the class, how the children learn, what they enjoy, their names, what other teachers need of me, and where I "fit in" to the puzzle here. This has posed some challenges but has also been extremely rewarding. Let me explain. As I start to become more comfortable (although this is a very long process and I am nowhere near completing it) in my new situation, I often find myself even more worried about home; Like if I get too comfortable here home will surely disappear, right? Isn't that how it works? Before I left a dear friend/ mentor of mine told me this; Be 100% where you are. These are words I repeat to myself multiple times a day. Home isn't going to disappear, and frankly building a life here isn't going to make St. Catharines, my family, my friends or Bethany Community Church any less of my home. I'm not betraying anybody or anything by creating a life for myself here in Mwanza. There's no need to feel bad, so I can stop worrying and immerse myself in my new found circumstances, because this is exactly where God wants me to be.

Now for the rewarding part. I absolutely adore working at the school. Getting to know the children and all of their unique personalities, connecting with some of the older students my age at church on Sundays and slowly becoming friends with other teachers has been so cool. Everyday I feel challenged, whether it's by a situation, a conversation, or even a person, to step out of my comfort zone. To take a "leap of faith," because without it I will surely not be walking in Gods plan for my life. And where else would  I rather be?
One of my very favourite times each week is when we have music, also known as singing and dancing! The children love teaching me the songs they know, and often find it very amusing when I try to sing a song in Swahili or dance/ try to do the actions to a song I don't understand. After working so hard all week it's fun to see them let loose, be silly, and dance like nobody is watching! I will try and take a video of one of our music classes to show you just how much fun we have!
The past few days I have felt myself getting sick, prayers would be appreciated that it doesn't turn into anything too crazy and just stays a cold! There are also many projects coming up here at Village of Hope Mwanza, so prayers for the planning and executing of these exciting projects would be amazing!

You guys rock! Thank you for your continued support and prayers!


PS. I have officially decided that I will update here every two weeks! BUT often throughout the week I'll post pictures on Instagram/ Facebook! 

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