Friday, 18 August 2017

1 year (or 6 months) Later!

Hey Friends!
It feels like forever since I last blogged- but its only been 6 months! I know, I can't believe I've been home for six months either.
Exactly one year ago today I left for my six-month adventure in Tanzania. Over the last few weeks my time in Mwanza has been on my mind even more than usual so I thought a reflection on how my time away is still impacting my life would do my heart good.
On this day a year ago I was feeling more emotions at once than I ever thought possible; nervous, excited, anxious, hopeful. Nervous to take on the new adventure God was calling me to. Excited to take this step out of my comfort zone; to learn, to grow, to love. Anxious because I am a grade A control freak and this trip held a lot of unknowns and even more 'firsts'. Hopeful because I knew there was no other place I would rather be then in the centre of Gods plan for my life. I knew that even in my worries and anxieties God was there and He had everything under control. And He did!
As I sit here today, a whole year later I am feeling many of these same emotions. Nervous as I prepare to begin my first year at the University of Waterloo. Excited about taking this next step and 'venturing out'. Anxious as I won't be living in a dorm- or at home (aaaahhh!!!!)-  but in a house in Waterloo with 3 other girls (Girls who I know from high school- which I am so freaking thankful for!) Hopeful because continuing my education is always something I have wanted to do. Working towards 2 majors that relate closely to my passions- Peace and Conflict Studies, and Social Development Studies makes it even better. But do you wanna know the best news of all? Just like a year ago, and exactly the same as it will be a year from now, Gods got this. He truly does. If there's one thing I have held onto dearly since returning home (although there are many others) is this truth. Even when I feel anxious. Even when I feel nervous. Even when I am standing on the tallest mountain God is in Control. I can find peace and rest in this. Gods got this. He always has, and He always will.

Much Love,

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