Friday, 17 February 2017

Six months ago I never thought this day would come. It seemed so far away, and the time in between seemed so uncertain but full of so much potential. I have now come to realize it had even more potential then I was able to understand at the time, and that I could have never imagined just how hard saying goodbye would one day be.

It started as a missions trip, but in the process turned into so much more then that. It turned into relationships, friendships, a lifestyle of serving which was challenging at times but still something I have fallen in love with. I never imagined having such incredible relationships and connections on the level I have come to have them. Six months ago, had you told I would feel this way as I lived my final day in Mwanza and at Village of Hope, I would have told you you were crazy.
I was blessed to make friends outside of The Village as well.
Missionary kid youth group” was a community I didn't know I would get, but clearly one God knew I would need. These crazy teens welcomed me in with open arms and nothing but love. I looked forward to Saturday nights and will always keep them in my heart.
Back in August I went with Jade to talapia (a restaurant) to meet her friend Anita and her daughter Bekah, who was close to my age and from the UK. I was so nervous- a person my own age with a similar background as me? AAAHHH. Nobody told me about this!! Little did I know a friendship would be born. We may have only met six months ago, but it feels like we've been friends forever. I'm going to miss our drives to youth group Bekah, burning cookies with you but taking them anyway.

Writing about the Kenyamanyara's and what incredible hosts they were could be a blog of its own. They welcomed me into their home, allowed me to become a part of their family, and invited me to be comfortable as if it were my own. Getting to know and spend time with them as my family was so special, an opportunity I probably would not have gotten otherwise. The work they do at Village of Hope Mwanza is absolutely incredible, Mwanza is blessed because of them.

My journey home was uneventful- I made it safely and so did my bags! If I'm being honest with you, travelling solo is actually awesome! You feel so independent and free but also like you hold a great responsibility which at times seemed terrifying. Travelling solo was not worth all of the worry I poured into- but what ever is?
My first 3 days here at home have been amazing- I missed my family so much! I mean it still seems totally crazy that 6 months have passed, but it is nice to be surrounded by my crazy family again.

This brings my 14th and final blog (or novel) to a close. I've said it a thousand times and will probably say it a thousand more, but thank you. You took the time to read my blogs, keep me in your prayers and even send me encouragements when it all seemed too much. I will always be thankful for the incredible community I had standing behind me as I entered into this journey, and now that I am stepping out of it.

Lots of Love,

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